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Flash Interview - First Day

Wilson Kipketer (DEN) after establishing new 800m world record during first round heats:
"It was not my intention to demolish the field or the record. I just wanted to get the heat finished without any problems. The record is a bonus"

Gail Devers after winning women's 60m indoor title with mark of 7.05:
"I feel fantastic. In February I thought my indoor season was over when I got a leg injury and had to return home to the States. I came here to win the gold, not the money"

About her contested photo-finish 2nd place in the semi-final against Ekaterini Thanou of Greece:
""We checked the photo and it was thanks to God that I made the final"

Irina Privalova who dominated the heat collapsed with a pulled muscle after 40 metres and was ranked favourite to take the title:
"I just felt the leg go in the middle of the race. I'm shattered"

Devers on Privalova:
"My heart dropped when I saw she was not there at the end. I have nothing but respect for her"

Haralamboes Papadias (GRE) men's 60m gold medallist:
"I knew I had the chance of a medal. All my competitions this indoor season indicated that I had a very good chance for a medal. Ah, but which colour? You can never know which colour, but that is competition"

Michael Green (JAM) 60m silver medallist:
"First of all I would like to congratulate the winner. He ran a great race, especially the middle part. It looks like I lost the gold with my finish"

Ezinwa Davidson (NIG) bronze medal men's 60m:
"You know what happened to me? Toward the end of the race I started over striding and it was in the last ten metres that the Greek guy caught me. It was a shame as I believe that I had the gold medal wrapped up from the very beginning".

Chandra Sturrup (BAH) silver women's 60m:
I think that the worst part of my race today was the start. After the false start in lane 1, I was too cautious making certain I was not the next one who will get the warning. I'm deeply satisfied with my time".

Sabine Braun (GER) women's pentathlon gold medallist:
"It's always hard to begin at 9.30 a.m. That was the case today with the hurdles. I'm satisfied with the high jump but I thought I'd do a little bit better with the shot. The long jump was a fight against fear. The third jump made the difference. The 800m as usual: no other chance than to give all I had left".

Mona Steigauf (GER) silver:
"Before the competition, I thought I could finish around 6th. All the best ones came to Paris. I'm really happy to finish with Sabine as first and second. We really scored well, our personal bests."

Kym Carter (USA) bronze:
"Of course I'm really happy. I could have got the gold medal, but when you see how the other girls competed, how can I not be satisfied?"




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