IAAF to lift suspension of German athletes for cross country championships
IAAF Release

2 March 2001 - Monte Carlo - Following a request of the German Athletics Federation (DLV), the IAAF Council has agreed, after a postal vote, to lift the ineligibility of the eight athletes suspended after the recent German Indoor Championships to allow them to compete in the German Cross Country Championships this weekend. This applies only to this one event, with a decision on the period of ineligibility to be taken by the IAAF Council in its meeting in Lisbon.

These eight athletes had competed against a suspended runner, Dieter Baumann, at the Indoor Championships with the knowledge that, in accordance with Rule 53.1 (ii), they were rendering themselves ineligible. Baumann had obtained a Frankfurt Court order allowing him to run on the eve of the event, even though the DLV was committed to enforcing the Arbitration decision of September 2000, which suspended Baumann from competition.

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