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OFFICIAL WEB SITE IAAF/VSZ World Half Marathon Championships - Kosice, Slovakia - 4 October 1997

  Welcome from IAAF President Dr Primo Nebiolo
The World Half Marathon Championships is the final event of an immensely thrilling, intensive, action-packed season for the IAAF and athletics enthusiasts around the world.

The charming Slovakian city of Kosice, home of the Kosice Peace Marathon, will no doubt be a worthy host to this, the 6th IAAF/VSZ World Half Marathon Championships. Join us here for a wealth of information and full coverage of this exciting event

Primo Nebiolo

" The end of a year of great successes for Athletics"
KOSICE - IAAF President Dr Primo Nebiolo made the following statement after attending the men and women’s races in the 6th IAAF/VSZ World Half Marathon Championships: " 1997, which has been the Year of Athletics, could not have had a better ending than what we have seen here in Kosice. The world’s greatest half marathon runners have come to the Slovak Republic to contest the title and the $194,000 in prize money - 97 thousand dollars each for the men’s race and the women’s race. This new policy of the IAAF, introduced for the first time this year, has demonstrated its value starting with the World Indoor Championships in Paris and carrying on with the World Cross Country Championships in Turin, the World Race Walking Cup in Podebrady, the World Championships in Athletics in Athens and the Grand Prix Final in Fukuoka. We have seen great results, great records and wonderful competitions. The interest in athletics world-wide and its audience on television and in the media has never been so great."

Kenya wins 6th IAAF/VSZ World Half Marathon Championships: Shem Kororia and Moses Tanui both under 60 minutes

Giorgio Reineri reports from Kosice

The Kenyan team dominated the 6th IAAF/VSZ World Half Marathon Championships. This spectacular race was fought out every stride of the Kororia crosses the finish lineway and finally won by Shem Kororia with a final sprint worthy of a 5000m specialist. The final time - 59.56 - is a new world championships record and the second fastest all time over 21.097km: just 9 seconds behind the best performance set by Moses Tanui in Milan on 3 April 1993.

Loroupe (KEN) dominates women's half marathon final, but Rumania takes team title
Giorgio Reineri reports from Kosice

Kenya’s Tegla Loroupe was the happy winner of the 6th IAAF/VSZ World Half Marathon Championships Tegla Loroupe crosses finish linewomen’s event. Loroupe seemed virtually assured of victory when Elana Meyer fell out of the running at the 11th kilometre. Up to the 10km mark (32:12), the pair had been running closely together, then Loroupe pulled away strongly and the battle was over.


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