Edmonton Surplus Shows Legacy Value of IAAF World Championships
The IAAF is delighted to learn that the 2001 Edmonton World Championships achieved an additional US $3,000,000 profit which will now be ploughed back into Canadian Athletics. - [15.10.2001]
Huge success for Athletics on Eurosport
Ratings went through the roof at Eurosport thanks to the channel's extensive coverage of the 8th IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Edmonton. The broadcaster registered 67 million different viewers during coverage Edmonton 2001 from 3-12 August. - [20.8.2001]
How can Ali Saidi-Sief win the 5000
It is generally believed that if the fastest 1500m runner is with the leaders during the final part of the 5000m race, he is most likely to win the race.† However, as witnessed in the Sydney Olympic Games and again in the World Championships in Edmonton, that is not necessarily true.† - [17.8.2001]
Kenyans welcome home triumphant athletes
Kenyan athletes returned home to a heroís welcome on Thursday as thousands of supporters turned out to salute their achievements at the World Athletics Championships in Canada. - [16.8.2001]
Marion Jones outsed from Rankings top spot
arion Jones suffered her second setback in a week as she was ousted from the head of the overall womenís rankings just seven days after her defeat in the womenís 100 metre race in Edmonton. - [16.8.2001]
Hestrie gives South Africa Gold
There was absolutely no possibility that Hestrie Cloete would successfully clear her final attempt in the high jump on Sunday afternoon.† Already with the knowledge that she had won, the South African's eyes were so flooded with tears that it was all she could do to keep the crossbar in focus. - [13.8.2001]
Kamathi gets new teeth for homecoming
When Charles Kamathi returns home on Thursday morning at 6.30 am even his mother won't recognise him at first. - [13.8.2001]
El Guerrouj bids farewell to the 1500 metres - maybe..
Adil Kaouch limped home almost eighteen seconds behind the winner in the 1500 meters Sunday afternoon, but he was still a satisfied man.† His work had been done very well.† Almost as well as in Seville two years ago. - [13.8.2001]
Edmonton 2001 truly Global Athletics
The final medals table is looking suspiciously like it used to do in the bad old days of the Cold War. But these are warmer times, and all credit to the Russians for getting their act back together after the considerable fall-out following the Soviet disintegration. - [13.8.2001]
Mutola shows she is still The Boss
Itís been a decade since Maria Mutola made her first appearance at these World Championships, and yet again, she has proved why she has dominated the 800m for almost as long. - [13.8.2001]