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IAAF Certification System Procedures



1.1 Only certified implements may be used at all international competitions (See IAAF Rule 187.1 & 12.1).

1.2 IAAF may, on application by any manufacturer or supplier, and, subject to such tests and certification which IAAF at its discretion require, grant a Certificate of Approval of implement or competition equipment in the terms hereinafter described and with such conditions or time limitations as are deemed by IAAF to be appropriate.

1.3 All costs associated with the implement or competition equipment approval including but not limited to costs of transport of samples, laboratory tests fees, cost of processing of applications together with a fee to be set by IAAF will be met by the manufacturer or supplier.

1.4 No certificate of implement or competition equipment approval will be valid for more than four years from the date of issue.

1.5 Manufacturers or suppliers shall inform IAAF of any proposed changes which may affect the approval of any approved implement or competition equipment and shall supply such information as is deemed necessary by IAAF to IAAF or to any test institute(s) nominated by IAAF for the purpose of ensuring that the implement or competition equipment still conforms with IAAF specifications.

1.6 IAAF will publish a list of all approved products annually showing all implements and competition equipment approved. This list will be circulated to all Member Federations and will be available on request from IAAF.

1.7 The manufacturer or supplier may market an IAAF Certified product as “Certified by IAAF - certificate number….” The certificate number must be quoted.

1.8 In the case where the marketed product is clearly that of another manufacturer and is identified as such then the approval certificate issued to that manufacturer could be validly used in the suppliers catalogue and marketing materials.

Where however the supplier wishes to market the product under any name or description other than that of the manufacturer to whom an approval has been given then a separate and distinct approval is necessary.

1.9 Naturally equipment and implements will be subject to periodic testing by federation, area and IAAF technical delegates to verify weights, accuracy etc. It is envisaged that, following an introductory period, equipment not in possession of current IAAF Certificate of Approval may not be used at certain international competitions.


2.1 Each application will be on IAAF application forms and will give full details of the product including materials and technical drawings.

2.2 Each application for implement approval will be accompanied by two samples of the implement. Each application for competition equipment approval will be accompanied by detailed technical description and full technical scale drawings. In the event of subsequent dispute over any matter concerning implement alleged to be covered by an IAAF implement certificate these samples and/or drawings will be reference material.


3.1 IAAF will assess and test products according to the IAAF regulations in force.

3.2 IAAF could, at the applicant’s cost, arrange inspection of equipment and/or implements at the manufacturer's premises bearing in mind, of course, that reference samples of implements must be transported to IAAF.

3.3 In the event of any product failing to meet the required standard the applicant will be afforded the opportunity of a hearing and of a further test. All costs will be discharged by the applicant.

3.4 From time to time IAAF may require the applicant to supply additional samples for the purpose of monitoring the continuing conformity with the approvals granted.


4.1 Each item approved would be allocated a unique approval number, which should be used in all materials relating to that item and to that item only.

4.2 In any case where the monitoring procedures indicate that a product certificate is not longer appropriate to the product, the holder of the product certificate will be notified and will have the opportunity within thirty (30) days of the date of the notification to show reason why the certificate should not be withdrawn by IAAF.

4.3 Product certificates will be valid for four years.

4.4 Any holder of a product certificate may be required to supply samples for the purpose of verifying continuing conformity with IAAF regulations.


5.1 The purpose of this system is to ensure compliance with IAAF requirements for implements and competition equipment and thereby to guarantee the integrity of the performance. The certificate is not intended as a implement endorsement beyond one of suitability and acceptability for competitions under IAAF Rules.

5.2 IAAF accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage or injuries caused or alleged to have been caused in any manner whatsoever by any implement for which an IAAF implement certificate has been issued.

5.3 Only implements for which a current IAAF Certificate of approval exists will be acceptable in all competitions under IAAF rule 12.1 (a) to (g). A World Record may not be ratified if implements and competition equipment used is not covered by a current IAAF Certificate of Approval.


6.1 The cost of certification for a track facility has been set as follow:

• Implements:

US$ 500 per type

• Equipment:

Landing area US$ 2,000
Throwing cage US$ 1,000
Uprights US$ 1,000
Hurdles US$ 1000
Steeple barriers US$ 500
Starting block US$ 500
Fixed equipment US$ 250
Cross-bar US$ 100
Other Equipment US$ 50

6.2 Fixed equipment consists of the take-off board, pole vault box, stop board, throwing circle and inside kerb.

6.3 The certification fee covers one model of implement or equipment only. Different weight, size or name of implements are considered as different types therefore will require another certificate. Different colours of the same implement will obviously be identical and no fee will be charged.

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