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IAAF Certification System Procedures



1.1 IAAF may, on application by any manufacturer or supplier, and, subject to such tests and certification which IAAF at its discretion require, grant a certificate of product approval in the terms hereinafter described and with such conditions or time limitations as are deemed by IAAF to be appropriate.

1.2 All costs associated with the product approval including but not limited to costs of transport of samples, laboratory tests fees, cost of storage of control samples, cost of processing of applications together with a fee to be set by IAAF will be met by the manufacturer or supplier.

1.3 No certificate of product approval will be valid for more than four years from the date of issue.

1.4 Manufacturers or suppliers shall inform IAAF of any proposed change of formulation or of raw materials which may affect the Performance Standard of any certified product and shall supply such information as is deemed necessary by IAAF to IAAF or to any test institute(s) nominated by IAAF for the purpose of ensuring that the product still conforms with IAAF Performance Specifications.

1.5 IAAF will publish a list of all approved products annually showing all products approved. This list will be circulated to all Member Federations and will be available on request from IAAF.


2.1 Each application will be on IAAF application form and will give full details of the product including materials specifications for tracks cast on site. Where it is deemed necessary for evaluation of materials details of suppliers must be supplied.

2.2 Each application will be accompanied by four samples of the product to be sent directly to the laboratory - one sample will be retained by the control laboratory designated in consultation with IAAF and the other samples will be retained under the direct control of IAAF. In the event of subsequent dispute over any matter concerning product alleged to be covered by an IAAF product certificate these samples will be reference samples.


3.1 An IAAF approved test institute will assess and test a control sample reporting directly to IAAF. All tests will be conducted in the laboratory under normal laboratory conditions and on the apparatus specified in the IAAF Performance Specifications for Synthetic Surfaces. Any changes or proposed changes in procedures will be notified to all participating companies and shall only be effective ninety (90) days after the date of issue of such notification by IAAF.

3.2 In the event of any product failing to meet the required standard the applicant will be afforded the opportunity of a hearing and of a further test. All costs will be discharged by the applicant.

3.3 From time to time IAAF may require the applicant to supply samples from facilities under construction for the purpose of monitoring the continuing conformity with the approvals granted.

3.4 List of IAAF approved laboratories for synthetic surface testing:

Centre for Sports Technology
Unit 3, Greenwich Centre Business Park 53 Norman Road London SE10 9QF Great Britain & N.I.
Tel: (44 20) 8293 6655
Fax: (44 20) 8269 0440

Institut für Sportbodentechnik
Hauptstrasse 34
CH-8264 Eschenz
Tel: (41 52) 740 30 05
Fax: (41 52) 740 30 09

FMPA Baden-Wurttemberg OGI Sportboden
Pfaffenwaldring 4
D-70569 Stuttgart
Tel: (49 711) 685 3379
Fax: (49 711) 685 2765

Technoparc du circuit des 24 heures
Chemin aux Boeufs
72100 Le Mans
Tel: (33 2) 43 47 08 40
Fax: (33 2) 43 47 08 28

Norwegian Building Research Institute
PO Box 123 Blindern
N-0314 Oslo 3
Tel: (47 22) 96 55 00
Fax: (47 22) 96 55 42

United States Sports Surfacing Laboratory
506 Cedar Lane
Hopewell, VA 23860 USA
Tel: (1 804) 541 7212
Fax: (1 804) 541 7207

Österr Institut fur Sporttechnologie
Arsenal, Objekt 213
A-1030 Wien
Tel: (43 1) 798 160154
Fax: (43 1) 798 160148

Sport Testing International Pty Ltd
380 Pennant Hills Road,
Pennant Hills, NSW 2120
Tel: (61 2) 9980 9800
Fax: (61 2) 9980 2556


4.1 IAAF will monitor all tracks for which compliance with the IAAF Performance Standards is obligatory (IAAF Rule 140) and will ensure that any product certificate issued for the system used is consistent with the in situ test results.

4.2 Any test results submitted to IAAF in support of any track certification will be compared with product certification issued to ensure continuing conformity with that product certification.

4.3 In any case where the monitoring procedures indicate that a product certificate is not longer appropriate to the product the holder of the product certificate will be notified and will have the opportunity within thirty (30) days of the date of the notification to show reason why the certificate should not be withdraw by IAAF.

4.4 Product certificates may be renewed on payment of the appropriate fee and with a single control test in any case where the applicant certifies that the product is unchanged and where this is confirmed by monitoring during the four previous years.

4.5 Any holder of a product certificate may be required to supply samples for the purpose of round robin test of IAAF approved test institutes.


5.1 The purpose of this system is to ensure compliance with IAAF requirements for competition surfaces and thereby to safeguard the heath of the athletes and to guarantee the integrity of the performance in so far as it is related to the track surface. The product certificate is not intended as a product endorsement beyond one of suitability and acceptability for competitions under IAAF Rules.

5.2 IAAF accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage or injuries caused or alleged to have been caused in any manner whatsoever by any product for which an IAAF product certificate has been issued.


6.1 The cost of certification for a track product has been set at US$ 25,000.

6.2 The first 3 products of the same company at 25,000$ each, the next 3 at 20,000$ and then 15,000$ thereafter. A fee of 1,000$ for the renewal of a track product certificate will be charged every 4 years.

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